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Can You Taste The Roasting System - Anne Cooper (Roastress Coops)

  • Collective Roasting Solutions 42/112 McEvoy Street Alexandria (map)

'Can You Taste the Roasting System'
This workshop is beneficial to ALL ROASTERS but is targeted toward Intermediate to Advanced Roasters.

Ticket: $200 per person
Limited tickets available.

A 4-Hour workshop & research project presented & designed for SCA Roasters Guild by Anne Cooper.

WHO IS ANNE COOPER (aka Roastress Coops)?

Anne Cooper in association with Rob Hoos has been conducting research to answer the question commonly asked by roasters as they change roasting machinery, whether due to their business scaling up, moving to a new brand/model or using someone elses machinery as they undergo repairs.

Anne's research was born in order to prove that you can't taste the difference, it is the profile that influences flavour, not the machine. This workshop is aimed to help intermediate to advanced roasters better understand their roasting systems, but it is beneficial to all in understanding;

  • How to match profiles across multiple different roasting machines.

  • Information regarding upgrading to new machinery in your roastery.

  • Understanding/Discussing roasting techniques & theories.

We will begin the workshop with a triangulation tasting, tasting samples of the same coffee roasted on three different machines with the exact same profile and gauge your thoughts. We will then explore roasting techniques and theories, with a live demonstration performing practical roasting between a Probat and Loring system.

This workshop is ensured to be insightful, educational and informative.

This workshop is in the lead-up to Collective Roasting Solutions' 'Roaster Smackdown 2019'.
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"Will the customer taste the difference if it is roasted on a different machine?"

Anne Cooper and Rob Hoos published article on Roast Magazine May/June 2019