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>We help café owners take control of their coffee. Rather than relying blindly on a roaster’s decisions, you can start to understand what is going on in your coffee, assess the quality of the product you are using, and make changes if your coffee is not providing the profile you want.
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Community & Advice
Being part of Collective Roasting Solutions means you have support from our community of passionate, experienced roasters. We hold weekly events, from cupping sessions to information nights with world champion baristas, as well as offering specialist courses from industry experts. We can help you roast if you wish, and can offer advice about financing and running your business.
Coffee’s never static, so why should you be? Membership of Collective Roasting Solutions involves no minimum commitments – come when you want and roast as much or as little as you want. And enjoy the option to buy from a wide selection of origins we keep in stock on- site. No longer order in bulk and be locked in to working with one origin. Buy only what you want, and have the freedom to mix and match origins whenever you want.
Cost Advantage
Dramatically reduce your overheads by using our state-of-the-art brewing and roasting equipment. And get better prices for green coffee using our collective bargaining power.
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Our brewing and roasting equipment is state-of-the-art and quality assured. We use the best, so you can be your best. And we take care of all the boring upkeep, so you can focus on the fun stuff: making great coffee.
Contacts & Buying Power
We can help you build relationships with the top green coffee importers. And our collective buying power ensures you get first opportunity to cup when importers have new crops, rather than having to wait behind the big guys and getting stuck with their leftovers. Get in first, and get a better price for what you want.
We’re a collective of Sydney’s best independent coffee roasters. Our St Peters facility offers a shared roasting space where roasters can indulge their passion, experiment, and build their business in an environmentally and financially sustainable way.
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