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The Evolution of Coffee Roasting Technology by AILLIO

  • Collective Roasting Solution 42/112 McEvoy Street Alexandria Australia (map)


The Evolution of Coffee Roasting Technology

A workshop showing the evolution of roasting technology, followed by a live hands-on demonstration for all participants. *Time restrictions may apply.


Presented by Jonas Lillie, CEO of Aillio


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In this workshop, Jonas will introduce his company Aillio and its flagship roaster the Bullet R1v2. 

Jonas will talk about his motivations for designing a brand new type of coffee roaster and the elements that guided the process behind the Bullet R1v2.

An in depth explanation of how the need for power, responsiveness, and energy efficiency led him to embrace new induction technology over traditional gas burners and electric heating elements. 

Jonas will show why the infrared bean temperature sensor he invented for the Bullet R1v2 is showing very interesting data compared to traditional bean probes which he will share.

Finally, he will discuss how this more accurate infrared roast profiling data can be paired with the collective cupping opinions of professionals and hobbyists alike to reveal exactly what makes a great roast and why.

This new data will challenge what we have seen to date using traditional probes with ROR to development time ratio and enhance the way we perceive how we create profiles to bring out the best attributes in the coffees.


This workshop is in the lead-up to Collective Roasting Solutions' 'Roaster Smackdown 2019'.
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Sponsored by Espresso Company, Aillio, Oatly, La Marzocco.