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We’ve opened the door to the coffee industry.
For everyone.

Through OUR roast-your-own membership,
our events and classes or via our podcast
we want to share our knowledge (and equipment)
to support you in your coffee journey.
No matter where you are in it.


Here’s who roasts with us.

Roast Your Own

Aka “The Collective”

Our roast-your-own membership sees Baristas, Cafe Owners and Roasters roast their own blends at the CRS roasting facility.
If you are keen to learn about how we can help you start roasting your own contact us below or head over to our
Roast Your Own page to learn more about it. 

Learn More, Make Friends

We’re a big believer in sharing what we learn so we run classes, cuppings and events
—and even started a Podcast all about our industry.
Check what we have on via our Classes & Events page or listen to one of our Podcasts.

 Love Coffee?

Volunteer at one of our events.
We are always looking for help with our free cuppings and events,
so if you love coffee and want a way to learn more about the industry, let us know.
We’ll let you know when we’re taking the next round of volunteers.